Social Media Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

The execution of a social media strategy shouldn’t be a matter of “IF” for the companies, but a question of how to strategize and in turn arrive at great results. There are numerous tactics which must be avoided, and some secret strategies that should be learned by marketers. In this article, we are going to reveal you several of the Do’s and Don’ts of the social media marketing, and they must make you question the efficiency of your marketing strategy.

Six Do’s of Social Media Marketing:

  1. Optimize your content – You must hire a qualified content writer who is must be able to provide original content for your website. Each article you share to your audience, you must create them in such way that they are always different and are highlighting different information and products from your website.
  2. You must engage regularly – It is of extreme importance to interact with your social media followers on a daily basis. Of course, you must be able to set apart the advertising content from the original one. Always reply to your messages in a timely manner and engage with them when they comment your posts.
  3. Try different platforms – Every business aims at different groups of people.For example, If you have a travel agency, then you might consider going over Instagram. You must make an analysis of your followers and pick the appropriate platform to grow
  4. Don’t Panic – You must never lose determination to develop your social media profiles if you get stuck on the same level for a long time.
  5. Set goals – It is of extreme importance to set yourself realistic goals and follow them. This will keep you focused
  6. Try Different Tactics – It would be great if you search for innovation by trying the latest marketing strategies.By experimenting with your strategies, you will find new ways to reach your clients

Six Don’ts of Social Media Marketing:

  1. Always answer your messages – Ignoring your followers is the single worst thing you can do, because this damages your brand significantly. It’s a big marketing fail to refuse to answer your messages or comments addressed towards you.
  2. Create a relationship – When a customer approaches he requires a kind attitude towards him, which means that you must be friendly and create a relationship. Always be polite and act friendly with them.
  3. Be active – What the hell are you going to accomplish if you register your company on every social media platform if you don’t post there? Choose one and become an authority there, before moving to a different platform.
  4. Different Platforms, Different Plans – Each social media is entirely different with the others. The people are different, and you must assign an individual marketing plan for each one.
  5. Try not to break established connections – You have to show the same care for both your new and old clients.
  6. Learn how to use your followers – When you have attracted a large following base you must find out how to exploit it and harness the fruits of your social media marketing.

Patrick Mackaronis is the CEO and Founder of social media up-and-comer Brabble. You can connect with Patrick on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn, or on his website

Why Make A Wikipedia Page For Your Company?

Many businesses go to marketers who suggest them marketing strategies based on the leading social platforms – Twitter and Facebook. But sometimes they neglect a key player – Wikipedia. It is of extreme importance to have a Wikipedia page if your business is going large and you need to increase your brand’s authority.

Basic Requirements

You must know that Wikipedia pages aren’t meant for all kinds of businesses, and your authority won’t increase if the content provided is irrelevant. Small startups require higher notability, which in some cases might be difficult to achieve. Read further to learn about your possibilities to get a unique place on one of the most influential and visited sites on the Internet.


It is of extreme importance to increase your citations if you want to be featured on a single page on Wikipedia. What’s a citation? This is when you have articles about yourself or you are talked about in press releases, books or any media coverage outside your reach. You must have at least four to have any chances. Ten is even better.


Your notability is increased when your business has accomplished something such as winning an individual award or coming up with a revolutionary technology or something that will put you in the spotlight. Those achievements should be great and something like selling your first fifty thousand products.

Your Wikipedia page must be created only when your business becomes notable. So what are the advantages of having a Wikipedia page?

Why Have a Wikipedia Page?

The professionally made Wikipedia page is going to skyrocket your reputation and authority when someone searches for your brand. Nowadays, the current customers are well-aware that many scammers lure on the internet, and they often do a substantial research before buying a product, that’s why this page is going to increase their trust.

Also, Business pages on Wikipedia will increase your visibility in search engines, and this will mean that your business will be found faster by potential customers. The proper link from Wikipedia will improve your search engine results, and you might be sent to the top.

Disadvantages of a Wikipedia Page

One of the major disadvantages of having a page like this is that everyone can access it and rewrite the content for you, which might be bad in certain cases. This means that angry clients might be able to point out the negative sides of your business

The idea of Wikipedia is to show a neutral point of view on everything written there so the content must be completely honest. Also, remember that once your page is live on the encyclopedia giant, each mistake you make as a business will be featured on your page, and it’s going to stay for good. Getting in Wikipedia’s Hall of Shame is incredibly easy and the chances of getting out of there aren’t positive for you.

If someone has already established a Wikipedia for you, then you are quite lucky. Now, you need to check it for accuracy and hire a content writer to improve the content and add additional sources and citations.

Patrick Mackaronis is the CEO and Founder of social media up-and-comer Brabble. You can connect with Patrick on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn, or on his website