Facebook and The Job World

Posted in Social Media on March 11, 2017
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One of the best things about social networking is the fact that other people can become connected to another person’s job search. Posting a status explaining a user is looking for work alerts friends to keep their eyes open for job postings that may benefit the job searcher. Friends may post on the user’s wall or message them when appropriate leads are discovered.

Public conversations may also be beneficial when job hunting. Comment threads and wall postings from other friends or pages may lead the unemployed to a job vacancy. Pay special attention to pages with high traffic and those of large companies or corporations. Perhaps a job opening may be found via Facebook searching prior to being sent to a newspaper classified or online job posting website.

Using Facebook Groups to Job Search

Groups related to a specific profession can also be useful in job searching. For example, a group dedicated to journalism may post or link information regarding openings at newspapers or television studios in certain areas of the country. Discover networking possibilities through these groups by communicating with people who share a common professional interest.

Make sure the group is legitimate and make a phone call to the business prior to filling out any application that may seem suspicious. Be weary of “Work at Home” type jobs since a number of these are scams.

Your Profile and Your Job

Believe it or not, many companies are beginning to use Facebook for more than just job postings. A number of businesses are combing Facebook profiles of employees, applicants and even current clients to check up on their professional activity. Applicants must be careful so their profile does not end up in the rejected category. Numerous instances of a mere comment ruining the chances of an excellent job offer are all-too-common. Take for instance the July 2010 case of a Rogers, AK resident who made a comment her company cliamed reflected "poorly" toward her character.

Companies do not like suspicious or illegal activity either written on a Facebook profile or documented with videos or images. Extremely provocative or adult-oriented images are also frowned upon. Even something as simple as bad grammar or constant use of computer “lingo” can turn a company off from hiring a person. Doing something as simple as turning on privacy settings will do a fairly decent job at blocking a potential hire from your profile.

Tips for Impressing a Hirer

If used correctly, Facebook can be a blessing in the job market. Businesses are looking everyday for candidates who have a relatively clean Internet track record. While some information can be viewed as funny or entertaining to friends, companies may see the material in a different light.

Refrain from posting every single photo or every bit of information on a Facebook page. Keep the profile as clean and organized as possible. "If you're finding out personal information that has no relevancy to whether this person is qualified for a job, basically you're wasting your time," said Jen Jorgensen, spokeswoman for the Society for Human Resource Management, in Alexandria, Va in an interview with Seattle PI. Only place the necessities and never put up information that nobody needs to know. Also keep in mind constant status updates that serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever may be seen as annoying to some employers.

Only post information on a profile that would not be shocking if found on another user’s profile. Professionalism is the key to becoming hired. Smart managers know how to eliminate poor candidates from the job pool. Don’t fall into their trap by posting something that could break a possible lifetime career.

Keeping a profile clean is not just something to do when applying for a job. It is necessary to keep a Facebook profile professional long after the job is won. A couple of photos or derogatory comments may ruin an occupational career.

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