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Posted in Social Media on March 11, 2017
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Facebook apart from offering the opportunity to socialize online, offers Facebookers the ability to play relatively free and entertaining online games.

Facebook has a huge selection of online games that take you from a world of zombies, to farming, to building a city, to shopping, and much more.

ItGirl Popularity

Even though ItGirl is not as popular among Facebookers as is FarmVille, a game that has remained the number 1 choice for last few years, it does have over eight million active users.

ItGirl has been given a 4.9 out of 5 review by Facebookers and it features all of the things that girls love:

shopping, partying, salon makeovers, flirting, boyfriends, traveling, cars, and houses.

ItGirl Gameplay

The game consists of becoming the ItGirl, the hottest, most popular, most glamorous girl in the world.

Like other Facebook games ItGirl is free to play, but also like other games it offers the option of paying real money to obtain special items. This currency is known in the game as Facebook credits.

Your progress in the game is measured by your hotness, clique size, closet bonus, and reputation.

Your hotness comes from the combination of clothes that you choose.

Your clique size, comes from the friends that have joined you in playing ItGirl.

Closet bonuses come from how much you shop and basically what you have in your closet.

Your reputation comes from how many showdowns you have won, your boyfriends, and your possessions.

ItGirl’s Developer

ItGirl was developed by a company called CrowdStar.

This company also developed other games on Facebook such as: Happy Aquarium, Happy Pets and Zoo Paradise, among others.

ItGirl Criticism

One of the biggest criticisms of the game is that you don’t really get to interact with your friends, there is no chat build into the game, instead you can call each other through the game, without really speaking.

Another criticism is that you need your friends help in order to advance in the game, and if your friends are not interested in the game as much as you then you will be stuck.

The second criticism is also applicable to all Facebook games, as they are all based on the idea of friend collaboration.

Some Reasons Why Girls Love Facebook’s ItGirl Game:

-You get to shop as much as you want for and wear cute alfets

-You get to change your looks whenever you want through a make-over

-You get to flirt with boys and become boyfriend and girlfriend

-You get to compete with other Facebookers in showdowns to see who is hotter

-You get to do all the things girls love to do

ItGirl is a great game for girls of all ages, even though it is probably most appealing to teenagers and young adults.

Overall ItGirl has a very girly look, and the developers of the game seem to have really captured and understood what girls love to do and this is why female Facebookers like it so much.

If you want to shop and not spend a dime, Facebook’s ItGirl Page is the place to go.

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