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Posted in Social Media on March 11, 2017
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Twitter. It seems like everyone is doing it; from the rich-and-famous celebrities and news anchors to politicians and everyone in between, Twitter is going main-stream. It’s almost hard to believe that this super popular micro-blogging website has grown by leaps-and-bounds in just a few short years.

There are many third-party applications that are available for Twitter. The following websites offer free services, tools and applications that will enhance productivity, at no cost.

Free Twitter Clients:

  • Twhirl – This handy desktop client, developed by Marco Kaiser, has many helpful features for Twitter and Friendfeed users. Twhirl displays notifications when new messages arrive, shrinks long URLs, searches tweets, records videos and even includes a spell checker. The sidebar interface is movable and includes subtle colors. Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • TweetDeck – TweetDeck is another popular desktop. The application allows users to easily manage their Twitter account directly from the desktop. TweetDeck takes up more desktop space than Twhirl, but works in the background and can be used offline. Users can also open up numerous panes for creating groups. Compatible with Mac and PC operating systems.

Free Twitter Tools:

  • OutTwit – There is no need to visit the website, users can track keywords, manage and post tweets directly from the Outlook email client.
  • Twittercal – Twittercal combines Twitter with a Google calendar. Tweet reminders to friends, see important events and use a to-do list with this free service.
  • TweetLater – This service offers many helpful tools for busy Twitter users. Users can set up alerts, track keywords, schedule tweets, save draft tweets, automatically follow new followers and send automated thank you notes to new followers. Free and professional versions are available.
  • TrackThis – Track all those important FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL packages with TrackThis. Just enter the tracking number and get up-to-date tracking information via email, text message, Twitter or Facebook.

Twitter Backup Tools:

  • TweeTake – Forgetting to backup important documents, files and photographs can be devastating for computer users. TweeTake quickly backs up Twitter account information, tweets and followers, into one handy Excel file. Just select what items are to be backed up and save the file to the computer hard drive when prompted.
  • TwitterSafe – TwitterSafe, in beta, is another simple way to backup Twitter information. Currently, only Twitter followers can be backed up but more features are coming.

Twitter Trackers:

  • TweetBurner - This helpful service shrinks long website addresses into shorter URLS. Once the URL is shortened, users can share the shortened URL with others and track how many people have visited the site.
  • Tweet2Tweet - Tweet2Tweet tracks conversations between two users. To view the conversations, just enter both of the users name in the box provided.
  • Twittterment - Twitterment is a Twitter search engine and buzz tracker. Users can search by specific word, phrase or by category to see what is currently hot or not.

Twitter Directories:

  • WeFollow – WeFollow is a new “user-powered Twitter directory” created by Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg. Find other users or submit themselves into three different categories, such as technology, news, music and celebrities.
  • Twellow – Searches, analyzes and categorizes Twitter users everywhere. Twellow requires a current Twitter account. To be added to the directory, click the “Get Listed” form. Free stickers are also available to add to websites or blogs.

Twitterlicious - This free desktop application is a mash-up of several popular applications. This small application allows users to clip individual tweets for later viewing. It quietly hides in the computer system tray and pops up on the users screen when a new tweet has been received. Available for Windows users only.

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