Adding a Blog to Facebook's Networked Blogs: Bloggers Are Tapping the Potential of a Large Social Network

Posted in Social Media on March 15, 2017
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Facebook's Networked Blogs capitalizes on the power of Facebook as a popular social medium, allowing members who are also bloggers to add their blogs at Facebook.

Bloggers have seen the potential and are stepping on board in record numbers. Current figures suggest anywhere from 500 new blogs added to the Facebook blog network daily.

Adding a blog to Facebook's Networked Blogs makes sense because Facebook users already have multiple contacts at Facebook. Rather than having to start an actual blog at Facebook, users simply add an established blog, using the Networked Blogs application.

Benefits of Facebook's Networked Blogs Application

  • A blog that has been added at Facebook will show as a page at Facebook and via a thumbnail image on a user's Facebook Profile page. Additionally, the thumbnail will display on other Facebook pages.
  • A blog feed can be imported to a user's Profile or other public pages. What this means is that each time a user creates a blog post, this post is automatically displayed at Facebook along with a thumbnail image of the blog.

Adding a Blog to Facebook's Blog Network

A reader can follow these steps to add a blog at Facebook

  1. To add a blog to Facebook Networked Blogs a user is required to sign in to Facebook
  2. A person chooses from a number of blogs to follow and selects "Next"
  3. Arriving at the Networked Blogs page on Facebook, a user selects "Add A Blog"
  4. A blog name, URL, tags, and description are entered
  5. Trackle widgets may be chosen, if desired
  6. Bloggers are directed to select "Yes" (if applicable) when asked about authorship
  7. Two options allow for blog verification options
  8. The newly created page displays and a blogger can spread the word by inviting friends to follow the blog, choosing "Invite People to Follow"

Automatic Publishing of Blog Posts to Facebook Profile Pages and Homepage Streams

Blog posts can be made to display on a user's Facebook Profile page and in others' homepage streams.

  1. At the newly created page, users go to "Feed Settings"
  2. Feed settings offer three publishing options
  3. A blogger selects "Automatic Publishing" and saves these settings
  4. A test is conducted by clicking on "Test Publish" to ensure the blog displays on Facebook

Having followed these steps, a Facebook user can now share his blog with family, friends, and social contacts.

The Facebook Networked Blogs application is an innovative model, leveraging the power of the huge Facebook social network.

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