How To Promote Google AdSense Websites on Facebook

Posted in Social Media on March 15, 2017
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Social networking sites such as Facebook have transformed the way we interact online and any self-respecting revenue savvy webmaster wants a piece of that sweet action.

Google AdSense and Facebook

However, promoting AdSense websites on Facebook and other social networks is fraught with danger. The AdSense compliance bots, which check all AdSense publisher websites to ensure they are not breaking the rules, rightly take a dim view of page impressions and clicks from people you know.

Most of us are proud of our websites or blogs and it is only natural to want to tell friends and family about our online efforts.Tell your pals about your site and they might be tempted to click your AdSense ads to 'help' you or just out of curiosity.

Google's sophisticated fraud sniffing bots look out for ad clicks from co-workers, family members or friends.

Many disabled AdSense publishers have discovered the cause of their ban to be clicks from people they know. So although it seems counter-intuitive, the safest policy for Google AdSense publishers is to keep blogs and websites secret from friends, colleagues and family.

Using The Facebook "Like" Widget

Google AdSense publishers need to be very cautious about using Facebook and other social networking sites to promote their sites.

The trick with Facebook is to completely separate your personal Facebook friends and family network from your website promotional activities. Without careful segregation, promoting websites via social networks does not sit well with the traditional Google AdSense model.

How To Promote Google AdSense Websites on Facebook

Great ways to promote your AdSense website on Facebook include:

  • Install the Facebook 'like' widget on website pages. This lets other Facebook users promote your content so you don't have to. Installing the widget is easy, just cut and paste the relevant code snippet from Facebook's developer API (application programming interface) into your web page code.
  • Identify Facebook interest groups relevant to the subject of your website and draw users' attention to your content by posting wall links. If you do this, set your privacy settings to ensure your friends can't see this activity. And don't spam these groups, link to content on your site that is relevant and adds value.
  • Buy an ad on Facebook. This can be a powerful tool, particularly as Facebook's system allows laser beam targeting to help you reach the right audience. If you do this, AdSense rules on paid traffic apply. That means your landing page must meet Google quality guidelines.

Never promote your AdSense website or blog to your Facebook friends list as it's a fast track to getting your account disabled.

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