Starting a Social Media Company: Importance of Platform Reach

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Internet has created various new avenues of sharing information, interests, and ideas etc. which were unthinkable and unimaginable of a decade back.  ‘Social media’ is the buzzword of the day among people across ages in the present day scenario.  These computer-mediated technologies not only allow users to interact with each other but also facilitate sharing of content such as pictures, videos etc.

There are varied kind of social media that cater to different kind of segment of audience.  Several critical factors determine the success or failure of the social media platform.  The ‘reach’ of the platform is one among the several important factors that determine the business potential.  When we are discussing about the reach of the platform, we need to discuss about the target audience.  The target audience could be students or working professionals or it could be anyone who have access to internet.  Statistics show that platforms that have access to wider network of audience have more business volume than those that are limited to a particular segment.

Let’s take the example of Facebook.  With 1,590 million users as of April 2016, Facebook is way ahead in its reach among its peers.  The increased penetration of Facebook can be attributed to its wider reach of audience.  On the other hand, if we take the case of LinkedIn, it targets only a particular segment of people which is the working professionals.  With over 100 million users as of April 2016, LinkedIn is in the bottom of the social media rank list.   The vast difference in subscriber base of Facebook and LinkedIn proves that target audience plays a critical role in determining the business volume of social media platforms.

As with any business venture, one should tread cautiously and test the waters before launching a social media platform.  Prospective entrepreneurs should research and garner statistical information to understand the usage habits of social media platforms.  This background research will not only prove resourceful in determining the audience segment but will also be helpful in understanding various characteristics such as ‘how much time they are spending on the social media platform’, ‘what is the most used feature in the platform’ and the content if any that is being shared through the platform.  Understanding these characteristics will help prospective entrepreneurs to develop the required features that need to be incorporated within the platform.

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Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Social media marketing should be a vital part of your everyday business marketing plan. This is due to the fact that there are millions of people browsing the internet, buying products and services from online stores ever single day. You can increase your brand’s awareness and build a special relationship with future clients. Your online interaction will determine whether your customers will stay loyal to you and whether you can grow with the use of social media. In this article, we are going to warn you about few mistakes most businesses make regarding social media marketing that you should always avoid.

1. Prepare a unique marketing plan

When you decide to foray into the world of social media, you must have a tailored plan ready to be executed by a reliable individual. If you stop interacting with your followers, you will start losing their attention, and as a result their interest, and eventually their business. Afterward, it’s really tough to get their trust back.

Before you start, make sure that you have enough time to devote to handling these matters yourself. After a while, and after the unique marketing plan is built and has begin to be executed, it may be a good idea to hire or outsource the social media end of your brand.

2. Spam, spam, spam!

A lot of people think that spamming websites and forums is going to bring them wonderful benefits. The more your name is out there, the more often it will appear in front of people’s eyes, right? On the contrary, spamming irrelevant links and texts is quite annoying, and it can only destroy the relationships you are trying to build.

3. Multiple profiles are irrelevant

There’s no need to create multiple accounts on different social networks in order to accumulate as many followers as possible. You need real and active people who are interested in what you have to offer. These are the individuals who are going to convert. Quality trumps quantity every time on a long enough timeline.

4. Inactivity in social media marketing

Inactivity is the main reason, for which social profiles of companies crumble. You need to post at least a couple of times a day and participate in conversations and questions created by clients and potential customers.

5. Fake followers

Let’s clear this once and for all. Fake followers will hurt your brand if they are not proportional with real likes. If you have a large follower base, but nobody interacts with your posts, then why do you need them? Numbers mean nothing. Activity does. To increase your brand’s authority, you must have a loyal and constantly active fanbase.

6. Random link posting and bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is an important part of every website’s optimization, but creating backlinks without any relevance is pointless. Automated posting of links can be flagged as spamming, which once again will hurt your efforts of building an authoritative website.

7. Set budget, plan and spend accordingly

It is of extreme importance to have the main idea, and you must always know what you want and aim to reach your goals. Do your own research before you decide what exactly you want, find the right provider and go ahead. Be careful and don’t overspend on social ads, when a proper SEO is what you really need.


In the end, all you need is a properly formulated strategy and the right person to execute it. Large social networks have countless followers present on a daily basis, ripe for interactions. It all depends on whether or not you have the know-how to avoid the above mistakes, and rise above the competition with your stellar brand awareness and customer service abilities. Social media marketing is a tough world.

Patrick Mackaronis is the CEO and Founder of social media up-and-comer Brabble. You can connect with Patrick on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn, or on his website

Social Media: Impacting Relationships Worldwide?

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Social media has changed the world and the way we interact with it. Everything is at our fingertips these days and we use social media for work, play, entertainment, health, dating, news and in our studies.

Social networking impacts everything. It has changed the way we communicate, the way we do business, our relationships and our politics. Social media has taught us things we may not have known previously – about other countries, travel, health, social causes, diet, health foods and much more. Social networking has opened up many new worlds.

How has social media impacted on our relationships?

We may spend more time communicating online as we do in real life. It can be very easy today to do everything on an app and it is often easier to engage online than face to face. Human beings need connection though, without which we get lonely, depressed or introverted. We need to form strong emotional relationships with real people, for work, friendship, love and support.

It is important to strike a balance. Be aware of how much time you spend online and try and spend much more time offline and with real people, engaging in real conversation. At the same time, look at the benefits of what social media can do for you and use it to your advantage.

Personal relationships

Social media has been phenomenal in bringing people together. No longer do you have to rely on the post office sending a letter or a telegram. Communication today is instant, because of something like Facebook or Instagram, and long distance friendships are much easier to maintain. You can keep in touch with your children while they travel, your friends who immigrate or a loved on you may be separated from. You can also reconnect with an ex partner, sometimes to the detriment of your own current relationship.

Business relationships

Social media has been phenomenal for business and has changed the way we conduct business. One can work with people all around the world. Social media enables businesses to get their product or brand out to the whole world. It also allows the consumer to interact with the whole world, for complaints, ensuring honesty and transparency.

Use social media for your personal and your business life but be aware not to use it at the expense of your real human life relationships.

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Coolest Jobs in Social Media

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These days everyone is on social networks and it is hard to find a business, whether it is a bank, a law firm, an art gallery or a restaurant, that does not have a social media presence. Almost everyone knows that to stay in business today, and to be successful, they must be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and maybe on all of them.

If you’re good at social media, why not work in the social media market? It makes sense to do what you love doing and get paid for it.

Here are some of the best jobs in social networking

Social media marketing coordinator

You are the person who will tweet, post on Facebook; write unique content and load photographs or videos on to various social platforms. You will be busy on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, possibly also Google and Pinterest.   You need to understand each platform, be consistent, creative and interesting, as well as understanding key words and SEO.

Social media manager

You will need some experience in the business world and a good understanding of social media platforms. A manager needs to oversee the design of the social media marketing strategy, and the implementation, with good social media staff. You would need to monitor each account and see which platforms work better than others. Strong communication skills are necessary, as there needs to be communication between the various platforms.

Social media strategist

Similar to a manager but you will spend your time strategizing and creating a company profile on the various platforms, developing customer loyalty and encouraging customer / business relationships. You are the person who will humanize your company, making your posts and presence interactive and real.


From magazines and newspapers to bars and hotels – everyone needs a blogger. If you have good writing skills and are able to create engaging, creative and informative content, you will be in demand. It is important to understand key words and be able to get the message across while ‘telling a story’.

Search Engine Optimization

We have left this one for last but it is one of the most important jobs in social spheres today. More content is being written on websites and on blogs, and you will need to make sure that the right people are lead to your sights. By using the right words, you will be the one to do this.

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Social Media’s Impact On The Modern Day Workplace

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We do things very differently today with social media and nowhere is this more prevalent than in the workplace? Everyone uses technology at work, gets information and does research via the Internet.

Almost everyone you meet, in or out of the workplace, is on social media too. Staff and businesses alike use social media, and almost all businesses have a social media presence.

So how has social media changed the workplace?


People do not communicate via telephone nearly as much as they used to. Today our communication is done via email. But this has also changed, and more communication is done via social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram can be used for one business to chat to another, for a consumer to chat to the business, or for a business to promote his product.

Job offers

Recruitment agencies will always have work to do but recruitment is a niche market. Today, companies can advertise for staff on any of the social media platforms. If they are good at social media, they never have to pay recruitment fees. Likewise, people can look for jobs online and find work via Twitter or LinkedIn, all from the comfort of their home.


While social networking can allow you to find a job online, it can also allow your potential employer to check up on you. There is very little privacy on the Internet and social media accounts can be open to all. Be wise and careful about your settings and the information you put out there. You do not want your employer to see any compromising photographs.


Social networking has made in-person networking exceptionally easy these days and one can network via all the platforms. Keep your contacts professional, look for new ones all the time and meet like-minded people.

New markets

Social networking is a worldwide thing. You can talk to anyone, anywhere, at any time. New markets are constantly opening up and business no longer has to be insular.

Work from home

It is pretty easy today to work from anywhere but still be in touch with your boss or company. There may not be the need for you to have an office; the Internet can be your office. And you can communicate regularly with your colleagues via Facebook or Twitter. Remember, they all have DM (Direct Message) functions too.

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Social Media Marketing – Benefits and Thoughts

Many people think that social media marketing is an irrelevant matter for a business that involves large amounts of money spent in order to produce desired effects. These business owners could not be further from correct. Social media marketing is of extreme importance for every business, no matter where you are located or what kind of customers you are focused on. In this article, we are going to reveal the sophisticated benefits provided from the social media marketing.

Social Media Brand Recognition on a New Level

Your availability on the social channels is essential for your company. That is because clients will be able to find you, learn about you and get to know you. New customers will have more confidence to work with you, if you have a perfect image on the Internet. On the other hand, previous clients will get to know you, and you can easily grow an individual relationship with them.

Creating a Loyal Customer Base

When you engage with your clients and make a relationship with them, they become loyal. Customers love to receive attention, even when it’s from a salesperson. According to latest studies, clients who have a relationship with a specific brand will always stay loyal to it.

Social Media Provides Opportunities to Sell

Building a massive audience means that you will have more potential clients and all you need is to know how to convert them into cash. Every post you make might lead the customer to your website and then to a sale. It doesn’t matter whether he’s a new customer or an old customer, you have the chance to contact them with an offer and see whether it will convert.

Increased Conversion Rate

Latest studies show that customers want to interact with people and not with companies. They like to receive attention and a friendly attitude. This way, they are more eager to spend money, and that’s a plus for you as a business owner. Why is that? Since social websites allow you to be in constant touch with your clients, the closer the relationship, the higher is the chance to land a conversion.

Social Media Allows for Stronger Brand Authority

People young and old are getting more and more into the internet life. Thus, the percentage of purchased goods through the web is growing rapidly, and we are not going to see it slowing down in the near future. Internet shopping is easier, faster, cheaper and most major sellers offer shipping straight to your front door. Is there more to want?

That’s why, when people want to make a compliment for your services, they are most likely to turn to social medias such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. When they share their opinion, your brand’s name will reach more people and the more they are talking about you, the higher your authority is. In this case, clients will convert easier given the fact that they trust you more.

Lower Marketing Cost

According to major online marketing platforms, marketers spend only five to six hours a week to generate a steady online traffic. If you can afford only an hour a day, it’s going to be enough, and you will harvest the results in a matter months. Even paid advertising on the main platforms is relatively cheap because your brand is going to reach thousands of potential customers. Moreover, if your budget is big enough and you implement a professional marketing strategy, you might see your sales skyrocket!

Final Thoughts

If the social marketing is not your strong side, then hiring a professional might reveal your business to an entirely new audience. The longer you wait, the harder it gets to break in the internet industry due to the fact that social medias are becoming more sophisticated than ever.

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Social Media Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

The execution of a social media strategy shouldn’t be a matter of “IF” for the companies, but a question of how to strategize and in turn arrive at great results. There are numerous tactics which must be avoided, and some secret strategies that should be learned by marketers. In this article, we are going to reveal you several of the Do’s and Don’ts of the social media marketing, and they must make you question the efficiency of your marketing strategy.

Six Do’s of Social Media Marketing:

  1. Optimize your content – You must hire a qualified content writer who is must be able to provide original content for your website. Each article you share to your audience, you must create them in such way that they are always different and are highlighting different information and products from your website.
  2. You must engage regularly – It is of extreme importance to interact with your social media followers on a daily basis. Of course, you must be able to set apart the advertising content from the original one. Always reply to your messages in a timely manner and engage with them when they comment your posts.
  3. Try different platforms – Every business aims at different groups of people.For example, If you have a travel agency, then you might consider going over Instagram. You must make an analysis of your followers and pick the appropriate platform to grow
  4. Don’t Panic – You must never lose determination to develop your social media profiles if you get stuck on the same level for a long time.
  5. Set goals – It is of extreme importance to set yourself realistic goals and follow them. This will keep you focused
  6. Try Different Tactics – It would be great if you search for innovation by trying the latest marketing strategies.By experimenting with your strategies, you will find new ways to reach your clients

Six Don’ts of Social Media Marketing:

  1. Always answer your messages – Ignoring your followers is the single worst thing you can do, because this damages your brand significantly. It’s a big marketing fail to refuse to answer your messages or comments addressed towards you.
  2. Create a relationship – When a customer approaches he requires a kind attitude towards him, which means that you must be friendly and create a relationship. Always be polite and act friendly with them.
  3. Be active – What the hell are you going to accomplish if you register your company on every social media platform if you don’t post there? Choose one and become an authority there, before moving to a different platform.
  4. Different Platforms, Different Plans – Each social media is entirely different with the others. The people are different, and you must assign an individual marketing plan for each one.
  5. Try not to break established connections – You have to show the same care for both your new and old clients.
  6. Learn how to use your followers – When you have attracted a large following base you must find out how to exploit it and harness the fruits of your social media marketing.

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Why Make A Wikipedia Page For Your Company?

Many businesses go to marketers who suggest them marketing strategies based on the leading social platforms – Twitter and Facebook. But sometimes they neglect a key player – Wikipedia. It is of extreme importance to have a Wikipedia page if your business is going large and you need to increase your brand’s authority.

Basic Requirements

You must know that Wikipedia pages aren’t meant for all kinds of businesses, and your authority won’t increase if the content provided is irrelevant. Small startups require higher notability, which in some cases might be difficult to achieve. Read further to learn about your possibilities to get a unique place on one of the most influential and visited sites on the Internet.


It is of extreme importance to increase your citations if you want to be featured on a single page on Wikipedia. What’s a citation? This is when you have articles about yourself or you are talked about in press releases, books or any media coverage outside your reach. You must have at least four to have any chances. Ten is even better.


Your notability is increased when your business has accomplished something such as winning an individual award or coming up with a revolutionary technology or something that will put you in the spotlight. Those achievements should be great and something like selling your first fifty thousand products.

Your Wikipedia page must be created only when your business becomes notable. So what are the advantages of having a Wikipedia page?

Why Have a Wikipedia Page?

The professionally made Wikipedia page is going to skyrocket your reputation and authority when someone searches for your brand. Nowadays, the current customers are well-aware that many scammers lure on the internet, and they often do a substantial research before buying a product, that’s why this page is going to increase their trust.

Also, Business pages on Wikipedia will increase your visibility in search engines, and this will mean that your business will be found faster by potential customers. The proper link from Wikipedia will improve your search engine results, and you might be sent to the top.

Disadvantages of a Wikipedia Page

One of the major disadvantages of having a page like this is that everyone can access it and rewrite the content for you, which might be bad in certain cases. This means that angry clients might be able to point out the negative sides of your business

The idea of Wikipedia is to show a neutral point of view on everything written there so the content must be completely honest. Also, remember that once your page is live on the encyclopedia giant, each mistake you make as a business will be featured on your page, and it’s going to stay for good. Getting in Wikipedia’s Hall of Shame is incredibly easy and the chances of getting out of there aren’t positive for you.

If someone has already established a Wikipedia for you, then you are quite lucky. Now, you need to check it for accuracy and hire a content writer to improve the content and add additional sources and citations.

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