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New york city, 2015. Makes me wish i could fly, for some reason. As des’ree would say: life. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Fashion is bizarrely fond of celebrating men who are vile to women. And she has her own variation on the trend.


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Blouse boob in pic sheer. And she’s definitely the most spunky. I realized the discomfort i had been feeling was all conjured up in my head. On july 31, jenner went braless in a sheer floral top, denim cut-offs, heeled sandals, and her trusty louis vuitton fanny pack to do some shopping at the adidas store in new york city. #16 looks like you could use a hand. So if you don’t want to look like you’re doing a homage to 80s madonna, or like you have mahogany boobs, give up the dream of the white blouse, the beige blouse and pretty much any blouse, and embrace instead the navy blouse.


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I was a mess of swinging emotions: i wished i had an emergency brassiere packed in my purse; i wanted to square my shoulders and own the way my body was moving; i wanted to hunch over and somehow convince physics to stop picking on me. You say you want a relationship and then you have to contend with someone using your favourite towel to clean up their spilt coffee; you say you want children and you have to deal with talking to the parents of their friends; you say you want a sexy blouse that makes you feel like a mate of farrah if not farrah herself, you have to put up with visible bra.

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