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We are seeing the rise of custom movies, again more personal. Everything is bigger and better in america. What’s insightful about analysing porn stars, you might ask? well, how about the revelation that by almost all measures, they actually represent a reasonable cross-section of society? I have been able to pretty much travel the world all expenses paid thanks to porn.


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British pornstar database. He’s considered some ideas, including possibly visiting sex clubs – all in the name of research of course. Part of the problem with any such study, of course, is the challenge of keeping your own opinions out of it. He was a little crazy and kept singing to us on set “you can’t always get what you want!”. This can be anything from solo, girl/girl, and boy/girl through to fetish. I always give 100% and am creative and energetic, but i won’t compromise on health or safety.


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In comparison, i can’t complain. Does that mean he and others might conceivably support, say, ‘fair trade porn’? some generally accepted way in which we could tell that the actors involved were happy with their work and into it? “if it was hot i would.