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Hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic, antioxidant and male sexual improvement potentials of olive oil in alloxan treated rats

Male infertility associated with low sperm count is linked to vitamin or zinc deficiency, which means that a few dietary changes could help shoot up the sperm count. And increased sperm count means more sperm swim towards the egg, increasing the chances of reproduction (. By continuing to use our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. This hypothesis is well supported by an 8-fold increase in t-mas and a 43% decrease of cholesterol during sexual maturation. Even cholesterol-fed rats with mild hyperlipidemia exhibited significantly reduced sperm motility and density in the cauda epididymides and testis.

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Cholesterol level sperm production. It is proposed that the receptor functions in sperm-zona pellucida interaction because 1) mannose and mannosylated proteins interfere with sperm binding to the zona pellucida, 2) mannose and mannosylated proteins induce the acrosome reaction, and 3) the zona pellucida contains mannose (see [. Increased serum vldl, total triglycerides and testosterone levels were significantly correlated with decreased sperm motility in a group of infertile men. According to a march 2012 study, obesity is one of the key culprits of low sperm production. The reverse associations were found between the prevalence of abnormal tsm, prm, and cholesterol levels with statistical significance (tsm <40%, How these changes come about is not clear, especially in those instances in which the concentration of cholesterol in the plasma membrane varies in the opposite direction from the total cell cholesterol.


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We found that semen volume significantly decreased in hcr. Sometimes, the quality of the sperm also has an impact on fertility. 001) increased total cholesterol level in the serum (.

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