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This happens because the hpv virus stays inactive for a period of time in body tissues. I see some colonoscopes are 168 cm long. Those that have surgery can usually return to work the next day, while others that have more extensive surgery may stay home for several days to weeks. When treating a fistula the classification proposed by parks, gordon, and hardcastle (fig.

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Colon deep anal. Normally your intestines freely slide around inside your body. This medical instrument is a thin tube that allows doctors to inspect the anal canal. Nowadays, the classification of park, gordon, and hardcastle is the one commonly used because not only does it describe accurately the anatomic track of the fistula, but it is also important in predicting the complexity of the operation, the need for varying degree of sphincterotomy, and the potential for continence disturbance. A fistula is a tract or communication from the gland that became infected inside the anus to the peri-anal skin where the abscess cavity drained. Sometimes when a colo-anal anastomosis is done, a small pouch is made by doubling back a short piece of colon (called colonic j-pouch) or by enlarging a segment of the colon (called coloplasty). In certain cases, surgery may be recommended if the tear does not heal due to excessive sphincter spasm.

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Some causes include diet and activity level and others are unknown. Fistulas drain mucous fluid onto the skin and blood.

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