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The most down-voted posters. There’s people that piss themselves when they pass out drunk and are asleep. This nyc-based r&b gem is spreading her realness one sip at a time. We spoke to iris about filming in ghana, the perception of african countries in the west and working with the ghanaian equivalent of michael jackson. Alcohol (like caffeine) inhibits vasopressin/adh, a hormone which allows for retnetion of water.

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We asked a bunch of girls about peeing, quite possibly the greatest feat you can accomplish at roskilde festival | girls are awesomeGirls pee knickersDrunk girl pissed all over herslef

Drunk girls peeing themselves. So he’d get up in the middle of the night, piss all over something, thinking he was in the bathroom. While casually checking her cell phone in a convenience store, she suddenly puts down her items and drops her bikini bottoms right between the snack cakes and arizona iced teas. Follow up thread to come. There’s two separate issues here. And the girlfriend of one of them pisses herself too. She came back over like a week later to apologize.


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Drunk girl pissed all over herslef

This danish-zambian genre-defying artist enchants with her own signature brand of ethereal sensuality. You have no favorite boards. Hear the danish rock trio talk about the birth of their tune downtown live from roskilde festival.

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