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Head case

R110: she seems like a classic case of lorna luft syndrome. We went to complain and this closet case upstairs, cute in an offbeat way, got his number, totally gave us the brush-off and i just want to know how long i’m going to have to wait until i can see two gay men kiss on network television. Back when will and grace was on, people criticized messing’s weight and suggested she had an eating disorder. Mullally: i remember when doogie howser was on, i thought, oh my god. Will: it can wait. And you know, it’s — if it’s an introduction to homosexuality for the country, then so be it.

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“head case”

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Eric mccormack shaved head. Originally i planned to avoid it altogether. We’ll be right back. Gay, straight, bi, thai, they don’t like change. Outstanding performance by an ensemble in a comedy series. Sure marty whelan’s hair transplant earned an entire slot on a saturday night rte chat show. All right, where is it? Will and grace are sitting on the couch ignoring eath other.


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It’s obvious, but watch. I — i’m gay.

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