Facial expressions database

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Changes of hair style and skin condition, are presented in the data. The dataset contains a broad set of unconstrained disguised faces, taken from the internet. The dataset consists of 26,580 images, portraying 2,284 individuals, classified for 8 age groups, gender and including subject labels (identity). The dataset consists of multimodal facial images of 52 people (14 females, 38 males) acquired with a kinect sensor. Contains images of people of various racial origins, mainly of first year undergraduate students, so the majority of indivuals are between 18-20 years old but some older individuals are also present. There are 10 sentences per person, chosen from the timit corpus.

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Facial expressions database. The database contains 519 image pairs corresponding to local surgeries and 381 cases of global surgery (e. Finally, we provide descriptor encodings for the faces appearing in these videos, using well established descriptor methods. Fueled by ever lowering costs and improved sensitivity and resolution, our sensors provide exciting new oportunities for biometric identification. The only constraint on these faces is that they were detected by the viola-jones face detector.

All the images of individual subjects are frontal faces without glasses and collected in a single sitting. This, by transforming the challenging problem of recognizing faces viewed from unconstrained viewpoints to the easier problem of recognizing faces in constrained, forward facing poses.