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Getting rid of two thirds of the hairs in five treatments might be worthwhile. If you are that passionate about being natural, why even try to fit into societies “standards” at all. Note to hairy self-tanners from a former hairy self-tanner: this logic is extremely flawed. Let’s celebrate anal awareness day, i’ll wash, shave, eat and f*** your ass. If you approach this as in “you grossed me out with your hair so we can’t do that again till you shave”. She can do that in the shower so it does not get everywhere.

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Female hairy anus. I shave my face, she shaves her legs, well we might as well shave our butts and not get our jaws all out of joint about it. Maybe a snail trail on her tummy. It’s the thing i was most ridiculed for growing up. If i had the guts, i would absolutely wax or epilate it. Take it or leave it. Ask her if she’d be willing to have a brazilian because it intrigues you.


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Yes, that’s mostly because i’m lazy and can’t be bothered. Many female bungholes are hairy. If you have light skin, and darkish hairs, then you are an ideal case, as the laser needs contrast to focus the beam.

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