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He said the women who dance here love what they do. I learned firsthand how their young lives were devastated at the hands of pimps and johns who exploited them emotionally and physically. Unfortunately for me, he did decide to spend the next half hour regaling me with stories about the shack in the woods where he lived, the numerous run-ins with the law that dotted his life’s timeline and the way he planned on getting home that evening if he decided he didn’t want to pay for a cab. I think it’s an amazing business.

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Inside a real strip club. Ha, it really is all good fun, isn’t it? at the end of the day, the women get work, and customers get to have fun. You can imagine how that works out. He comes back and says, “i can do this. From new jersey,” said he sometimes feel guilty about his line of work: Two of the girls still work for me. For what, i did not dare ask. I don’t blame them for never wanting to see my place.

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Texting thy booty call can probably wait another three to seven minutes, so put your damn phone away. At the end of each shift, two spreadsheets were produced,” says john.

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