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16 examples of steve jobs being an unbelievable jerk - business insider

I try to update them every few months, so please let me know if you have ideas about tips i should revise, add, or remove. Jobs stormed into a meeting and started shouting that they were “fucking dickless assholes. Being an asshole was part of the steve package, but it wasn’t essential to his success. Maybe if i become an even bigger asshole i’ll be successful like steve. There is some evidence that “status displays” by aggressive bosses can motivate workers and give slackers a kick in the pants.


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Jobs assholes like. You guys do so much tactical and strategic stuff that people want and need, but some of these older articles are so powerful and definitely worth sharing again. Spot on article man. I read your post on the commute to my 9 to 5 this morning and i just sat down at my desk. What you suggest is exactly what i want to do, not seek a job. You cannot fully actualise your self employment potential while you are still gazing over your shoulder. And what is an asshole, exactly? i mean, beyond the anatomical. If you like (not love) your job, do you think there is an income level that is too great to quit your job? i.


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To many founders build an idea. It already did because i refused ot (along with another few guys) and they wanted to get the job done. Walter isaacson’s best-selling biography of jobs offers a revealing look at what the author has called “good steve” and “bad steve.

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