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Joy poses a question that haunts him long after he leaves palm springs: “why would you deny yourself something you want?”. Desperate request to amc and matthew weiner: can we get a. Cook’s hard-ass dad is a real piece of work, too. ) but as soon as he wants something, he has no trouble dropping the mask to reveal the scary bert side.


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In the season finale of the marvelous mrs maisel, midge (sort of) gets it allEuro odyssey: golf in scotland and those fucking midges again!Puta locura cute teen schoolgirl fucked by a midge tube porn


Midges getting fucked. Pauline’s most likeable moment comes when she teaches sally to pop a seconal (“do you know how to take a pill?”) and tells gruesome crime stories until she hides under the couch with a butcher knife. Out loud every night. That one stings, and make no mistake, it was meant to. In order to post a comment you have to be logged in. This eurotrash princess meets don in palm springs and lures him into a decadent world of globe-trotting idle aristocrats, with her father the viscount presiding over his court. Strange as it seems now, for a dozen episodes or so, milkshake megan was the show’s smartest and most intriguing character.

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Because the universe is one crazy place. Ferguson) and danny siegel (danny strong) – mad men – season 4, episode 11 – photo credit: michael yarish/amc.