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Lauren cox is a contributing writer for live science. In humans, however, there was no change in f levels whether during sexual stimulation or orgasm (. This, in addition to the identification of spinal generator for ejaculation (sge) in rats, led to the postulation that the process of expulsion is a continuum of the process initiated through emission, after reaching a certain spinal activation threshold (. New york: springer; 2011:82.


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Muscles after an orgasm. Other experts weren’t surprised that kegel exercises alone weren’t able to improve women’s sex lives. She writes health and technology features, covers emerging science and specializes in news of the weird. Intrathecal serotonin or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor injection leads to enhancement of the expulsion phase of ejaculation (. It is important to note that orgasmic release is extremely variable and is not essential for sexual satisfaction for women. The muscles of the vagina relax and contract rapidly, as do the muscles of the uterus. It’s also believed that this helps push the sperm into the cervix, making conception easier. Another important neurotransmitter is norepinephrine, which is demonstrated through the erectogenic effect of the.

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Debby herbenick, professor at indiana university school of public health and author of. Summarizes the reflex circuit necessary to elicit ejaculation.

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