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Hypothetically, intercourse may impair implantation by two principal mechanisms: the introduction of infection and the initiation of uterine contractions. About sex and ivf, which laid bare not just the inherent fear of sex, but also how ivf could have negative impact on a couple’s love life. Three women (1% of pregnancies) conceived outside the fertile window identified by the calendar method and were not included in the analysis. In addition, the ivf studies used artificial insemination to deliver semen and therefore cannot be relied upon to determine the safety of intercourse around the time of embryo transfer. Sex, more importantly climax, stimulates blood flow to the lining. I wasnt counting the days etc etc.


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Orgasm after embryo transfer. Others suggest no vaginal sex after egg retrieval due to a fears of soreness and a risk of infection. In some cases, a two to three week abstinence is recommended to ‘avoid damage to the pre-embryo’. Therefore we can not comment as to whether the lower pregnancy rates were due to semen exposure, the act of intercourse, or orgasm. After egg retrieval is complete, couples can typically resume sexual intercourse up to the night before embryo transfer.

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However, previous studies have shown that methods, which allow a couple to time intercourse to the fertile window, lead to higher pregnancy rates (. They are painful no pleasure at all.

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