Wearing pantyhose without underwear

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I went commando for a week to see what would happen to my vagina and my personality

If you wear good quality hose, then you will actually prefer not wearing panties, as they can be softer and feel nicer against you than a panty. Always with short skirts and always with panties. Please review the terms of use before using this site. Pantyhose should be outlawed! I think you just solved my life-long problem with pantyhose. Just make sure it is a flat lace, so it doesn’t look lumpy under tight clothes. But, when i used to wear panties everyday, yes, i did.


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Wearing pantyhose without underwear. Big mama sure would. The only time i haven’t was recently when i wore them for a costume that included a leotard which was cut high enough on the hips that pretty much any pair of panties of mine would’ve shown underneath through the pantyhose. While improving circulation in the area may improve the appearance of cellulite temporarily, such as through special cellulite-fighting massages, compression stockings aren’t likely to have an impact. I understand, but i miss you. To wear panties with them. Dd ’08, dd ’13 and team green feb.


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And also my asscrack if i bent over. Always opaque, always with a cotton gusset and never bother to wear knickers.

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